We have available male bull terrier puppy for pet home / Na voljo imamo samčka bull terrier za hišnega ljubljenčka.

This year we plan to have bull terrier puppies in the summer or next year 2023. Because of course we follow our dogs and let nature decide when it is time for puppies, we cannot guarantee you exactly when the puppies will be, what color they will be, or how they will be colored. We can say that litter will be between healthy parents and parents with a great temperament. As always, each of our litters is based on quality breeding and stable dogs. In each combination, great emphasis is placed on the health and temperament of the parents. Matings are always careful planning. What we do with the puppies and how we organize their puppy room, what the dogs experience, you can take a look at our past litters. All our dogs have passed all health tests and breeding permits, and our litters are under the aegis of FCI organization.

bull terrier puppy