We have available male bull terrier puppy for pet home / Na voljo imamo samčka bull terrier za hišnega ljubljenčka.


Ohh, you two, you are not big, you are still very small and only 4 weeks old, but you became a big dogs because you moved to a large fenced area. Oh yeah, no more safe little playpens, now they reign in their own enclosure, which is bigger place, full of toys, different surfaces and, above all, a LOT of space for peeing and pooping. We dedicate this period to learning how to pee and poop, so that they learn where the place is to do it, of course we  expect an accident to happen, because they are just puppies, but! we are very proud of them when pooping there is almost no more accidents, but when peeing it is expected. But never mind, there is still plenty of time to learn cleanliness. Now what? Now it is time for them to get to know the outside world and feel the grass and for their noses detect a million Facebook dog messages.

Puppy play
Puppy play
bull terrier mladički

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