They met other dogs from our pack, which was truly a special experience! 🐶💖 Everyone adored them, and they loved everyone back. Even though the other dogs are much bigger and heavier, they weren't scared at all. The most excited was their half-sister LaLa, who always looks forward to every meeting with them 🌟. For a surrogate mom, they chose the staffy Bitch, who is very friendly and loving and has a great instinct 🐾.

Bitch and the others bring even more joy and fun into their lives. Of course, Mom Kokica remains special and unique 🥰. She is the one who spends the most time with them and ensures that our little ones are happy and well-cared for 💖.

Kokica is still our beloved mom, making sure our little ones feel safe and loved, even when they are spending time with other friends 🐕.