Our story started with this trio (Saba, Baraba and Brko). With them we learned so much. The biggest school for us was that breeding is not easy, it is really hard and with every litter, every new dog there is something new. Copy paste doesn’t exist in breeding world. And as breeder you have to be ready on every suprise.

We are family breeders of american staffordshire terriers, bull terriers and american bullys. Our registration number is FCI REGISTERED KENNEL No.16/15. We are young kennel but full of passion. We work with our dogs, show them, attend seminars about breed, breeding and dog obedience. Our dogs live with us in our house and are in first place our companion dogs

amstaff, poisson ivy, bull terer, bull terrier, amseriški staford
amstaff, poisson ivy, bull terer, bull terrier, amseriški staford

Our Iva also is a president of Bull Terrier Club Slovenija.

Our dogs are our passion, we breed with heart and show them with pride. We are proud on every puppy we produce. It is the happiest momment when you see your puppy happy and loved in new home.

We are not the type of breeder that will just sell you a dog and you never hear from them again...you are taking a member of our family, so, you will hear from us and we will always be here for any questions you may have.

Welcome to our site, if you have any question please contact us.