As always, we are committed to making the transition to a new home as stress-free as possible for both our new owners and our puppies. That's why we always prepare something to assist them during this adjustment period.

Saying goodbye to our puppies is always the hardest part for a breeder, with a mixture of happiness and sadness. How could it not be, when you were the first to lay eyes on them, the first to smile at their wobbly steps? You were their rock for those crucial first few months, the one their mother trusted implicitly.

We are constantly amazed by watching their initial steps and understanding the importance of providing them with maximum, safe, stable, and enjoyable development. Our puppies, our sunshine, our little elves, rascals, American Bullies, and above all, our little rascals.

We promise that we've done our best to find you the best homes possible. We know you'll be surrounded by excessive love, attention, and joy, so enjoy your life, mischievously test your new owners (not too much, so we don't hear about it later), and above all, be healthy and proud representatives of the American Bully breed. And to the new owners... YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY PICTURES! :P

One brother is still looking for his forever couch! For more information, we are available at 051/453-555.