If someone would say to briefly describe Monet, we would say, the maximum possible muscle in a small body. Monet is only 35 cm tall and her muscle mass for this small body is crazy. Monet loves to swim, play fighting games, but she even prefers to curl up in arms of her human. She really likes to always have her human in sight. She is like a little charged energy bomb, we call her a thank, but of course she also loves to cuddle and cuddle.


Kai is an insanely successful male, you could say that he is now at the very top in beauty and beauty pageants. He achieves exceptional results, not only is he the grand champion according to the ABKC, but he also won many shows as the most beautiful representative of all bullys. His constitution, head, strength speak for themselves. What attracted us? An abnormally good movement that is hard to find.