Yes, you heard right, another beautiful story has come to an end, this litter was extremely important to us. This litter was the last litter of our Becky, who through all 3 litters proved to be an exceptionalreproductor Wejust can't believe what she brought into the world, not only that her offspring are extremely successful, but all the dogs from her breeding, which stayed in our program, were not only on the podiums, but also they are healthy!

With this, our Becky ended her story as a mother, she became just a princess on the sofa, but let's add a spoiled princess. Thank you Becky for all you have given us, and we promise to spoil you for the rest of your days and please stay healthy and happy for many, many and more years. We love you!

Once again, wonderful people have joined our Poisson Ivy family, new owners, and we are really happy that you trust us. We know that our puppies give you quite a few gray hairs, but they are bull terrier puppies, but on other hand so more of those beautiful moments. Thank you.

And a few more pictures of Meverick, before he went to his new home, now it's really quiet in our house hehehehe

They say he's very goodwhen he's asleep, but when he's awake he's a real devil.....Meverick, we ordered you to be just a little devil, come on :P heheheheheh it's really hard-fun-special with a bull terrier puppy !

bull terrier puppy

Did I jump high....yeah Meverick you're almost flying.

bull terrier puppy

Hello, Hello my friends, I love you.

bull terrier puppy

Everything under control? Yes boss, everything!