We have available male bull terrier puppy for pet home / Na voljo imamo samčka bull terrier za hišnega ljubljenčka.


Disel is saying hello from Brazil. He is turning into beautiful strong boy. We are so proud of this litter.

Poisson Ivy Chunky Bar of Ice Court

S:  UkCh Emred Devils Tri Star ( UkCh Emred Devils Spy x UkCh Emred Night Fever )

D:  SloJrCh Ice Court L’Extase ( BISS Multi BIS IntCh Emred Spymaster x Multi BIS Placement MultiCh Ice Court Double Snow at Castela & Leão # BJIS Ch Emred Copper Pot ex a Spymaster granddaughter / litter sister of World Winner BISS Multi BIS IntCh Ice Court Red Code at Castela & Leão )

poisson ivy

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