We have available male bull terrier puppy for pet home / Na voljo imamo samčka bull terrier za hišnega ljubljenčka.

Due to the great interests, we inform you that we will have a litter in the next year 2023. The mother of our Staffords will be our wonderful dog Bitch. The male and female have passed all health tests and have an excellent temperament. Our dog Bitch is also the "mother" of all our puppies, as she is wonderful with puppies and simply adores them. Bitch is a dog who is very attached to her human and her ball and is one big spoiled brat who would play around for days. She is a puppy who will be our one big PUPPY for the rest of her life. All pups receive pedigrees and all necessary documentation. As with all litters, our goal is for the puppies to be open-minded, playful, happy and adore people. Look at what we did with them in past litters.

ameriški stfford