The last week has been completely crazy for the puppies. Why? The first most interesting thing is when the puppies open their eyes to the world. 👀 The second thing is that they start responding to sounds. 📢 The third thing is that we slowly begin to introduce them to "real" food. 🍕 And the most interesting part of it all is when we see them slowly becoming aware of their surroundings, and the exploration can begin. 🔎

How did they like it? Some more than others. Hehehehe, but all together, they are progressing well and growing like mushrooms.

What did they try as their first food? Well, nothing other than our traditional magical mixture. For the first meal, we offer a mix of goat milk 🐐, goat cheese 🐐, 🥚, and honey 🍯.

How was the mess? Compared to previous litters, they are real pros. 😂

And here are a few 📸 to make you smile; we don't take responsibility for any sweetness overload 😂.