In first few weeks puppies are nursing at mums and sleeping. In this stage when they start to hear, what is around 14 days we start to confirm their calm and stable behaviour while they nurse at mums.

As soon as they get bigger we move their sleeping area info giant box, so that when they wake up they step out to their peeing area and that is how they learn not to pee where they sleep. With this they also star to notice that this area is not for playing but for taking a nap or sleep and you can see that when they get tired and want to separate from others they go to this place and take a nap. Also we have to be really carefully to change the wetbed as soon as one little pee was because we don’t want that they get used to a smell of pee and sleeping on it, that means also to 5 times per day.

Computer is not for us to watch movies but is for puppies to listen to calm music while sleeping and also for sound desensitization. It is proven that calm music increases a stabile and calm behaviour.

bull terrier puppy

We made them different toys, playground outside and inside, different types of puppy adventures. Every stage, every time that they get older we make another thing and increase their living place. At the end they were separated in small groups so that it was easier to go alone to families and also we started to learn them to pee outside. Afcorse they are puppies and now and then a mistakes happen. 

bull terrier puppy

We give to our puppies everything from goat milk, eggs, vitamins cottage cheese, raw meat, bones, kibble food, vegetables,fruit,...