We are expecting bull terrier puppies❤/ Pričakujemo bulterier mladičke❤


Published on 3 August 2021 at 07:32

In firs 14days our puppies improved a lot, in this period we are looking closely that they are growing good and that their weight is going up. We are very pleased since all three puppies has tripled their weight. 

In this period, we are also making all to please mother, so that she feels safe and calm while nursing puppies. Becky has shown again that she is amazing mother. Looking after puppies, she is very calm and listening for every move and sound of puppies. She is cleaning them and cuddling.

In this period, we have changed a lot of different whelping box sets so that puppies have a good grip and are sleeping on clean pads. they have also many toys inside not for playing but as obstacles that they must win while getting to "milk bar".

They are already showing that is time to make a place for peeing and pooping. And their ears are open and in next days we will star with clicker trainings while they are eating. They are all crawling like drunken puppies but soon they will open eyes and star to walk.

Let's the fun begin. 😊

So puppies and mother were first time dewormed and we made first clicker traning with them. With this we will be confirming as calm eating and......for more information fallow their development 😊