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Published on 17 August 2021 at 07:45

And there came a big moment when the puppies stepped into the outside world 🌏. This week was dedicated to us being outside for the first time and we can say that they totally surprised us the first time. we chased them all over the grass and driveway. We also managed to make homemade 📸 outside, so you can see how much they enjoyed it. Now we can set up their outdoor residence where they will enjoy it even more 😊

bull terrier puppy

We have made a lot of progress this week regarding house boxing and we have to say that now whenthey are tired they go to their sleeping safe place (box) on their own. So now they understand where their safe place to rest is. At the same time, in this place they rearly pee and if they do it is our fault, because we are sometimes too late to open thr box. 😊

We have also made a lot of progress in terms of pee training,there is still time when the pee here and there, of course but in most cases, everyone takes to pee in their pee place. We are very proud of them 😊

Of course, at the end of the day, they always like to cuddle with their mother ❤️

bull terrier puppy