We are expecting bull terrier puppies❤/ Pričakujemo bulterier mladičke❤

Our breeders were so bussy to post something but we were having the best time ever. We did so many new things:

  • Travel with car🚘
  • Met new people👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
  • Met new dogs friends🐾
  • Now we sleep on our own😴
  • We could say we are room clean
  • And we learn that if we jump enough long people takes us in arms🤗
  • Ohh and you have no idea....RAIN...ohh this is horrible it is like something is attacking us from sky🌧
  • O yes and now we are officially LaLa and Meverick🤓
  • And we jet made already our first trainings with Maja Šparovec!👩‍🏫She said we are really smart puppies (breeder doesn't agree😁)
  • And ohh yes we are quicker than our breeder compiting running up stairs🆙

We also visit vets 💉 and they said we are super healthy puppies:

  • not only that we are regulary dewormed, chiped, vacinated 🏥
  • our heart is healthy
  • we hear good👂
  • our kidneys are super🤩
  • and we are one healthy happy puppies chiped and with their own passports 🛂

What to say ONE BIG DOGS. 💜

bull terrier puppy
bull terrier puppy
bull terrier puppy