We are expecting bull terrier puppies❤/ Pričakujemo bulterier mladičke❤


What we can't believe is that the year has turned around again, sometimes it seems to us that the months just run away or fly. When do you realize it? Especially when you talk with the owners of puppies and they correct you, that the puppies will be be 1 year old in two months. PLEASE? How? But, they were just born, open their eyes, started walking and went to new homes.

bulterier mladički

The year 2022 was a very successful year for us and at the same time the year when we got to know the cruel side of breeding. But after every rain, the sun appeared and things always work out the way they chave to and in the end the year was full of laughter and joy.

What we have achieved this year with our dogs, sometimes it seems to us that we are still dreaming and haven't realized, but yes, we are very proud of our puppies and even more of their owners, how they represent us in the world, thank you for taking such a good care of our dogs , both bulls and staffords and make sure that your/our dogs are true representatives of the breed. We can certainly be very proud of what our dogs have achieved this year:

Poisson ivy el koko loko
  • Poisson Ivy Cookie Dough become a GRAND CHAMPION!, big congratulations to his owner Davidu Kirbiš and thank you, thank you thank you
Poisson Ivy Cookie dough
  • Poisson Ivy Chikki Peanut won one of the most important bull terrier speciality shows in Europe and so she become  BEST IN SHOW TROPHY WINNER!
Poisson Ivy Chikki Peanut

These are only the most important successes of this year, but we once only dreamed of such successes. These are successes when you say in your mind, uhh, maybe one day I too will succeed in breeding, but we succeeded and we got a lot of confirmation that we really have quality breeding and, even more importantly, very good temperamental dogs that love to show themselves on exhibitions. We are really proud, because a lot of effort and time was invested in each of these successes.

We would like to thank all the owners who trusted us, our trainer Maja Šparovec and all those close to us who help us to participate in such shows.

What are we planning in the NEW YEAR 2023?

  • In the next teu, we are planning two litters of bull terriers (Twist and Bloom)
  • Finally, we will also mate our American pocket bull Monet with the wonderful male and grand champion Kai.
  • And at the end/beginning of 2023/2024 litter of American Staffords with our wonderful Bitch.

For all information how to get puppy you can read HERE.

american bully


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