We are expecting bull terrier puppies❤/ Pričakujemo bulterier mladičke❤


We have an interesting and  active year ahead of us. We can't wait for it to start in full, Our heads are already full of anticipation and ideas. This year we are planning a litter with Bull Terriers, American Pocket Bully and American Staffordshire Terriers.

Like all litters so far, our selection of parents is based on:

  • and on and on.

A big deal in all is definitely placed on how the puppies grow up, for many years we have been following the program prepared especially for our puppies by Maja Sparovec, a long-time cynologist with many years of experience, both in agility, retraining, the exhibition world, dog training, herself she was also a breeder and bred quite a few litters and much more. She is working under

Klub Canima - šolamo pse, izobražujemo skrbnike which enables the new owners to continue their training if they wish, which turned out to be very successful - a satisfied owner = happy dog. In any case, it is very important where the pregnant mother is, what kind of diet she has, nutritional supplements and in what condition she is.

All our girl are fully health tested and healthy. Mothers of our upcomming litters:

pocket bully
  • special in every way very
  • attached to her human
  • loves walks and coffee
bulterier slovenija
  • playful, happy dog
  • she loves work, and even more treats
  • she is aware that she is beautiful and shows it at exhibitions
bulterier slovenija
  • everyone is afraid of her at because of her expression of eyes, but she is really the cutest little dog
  • the happiest with the most zooms
  • very serious when working and very focused
asmatff slovenija
  • a gentle spoiled dog who loves being close to her human
  • obsessed with her ball and very active, but at the same time calm at home
  • obsessed with puppies and mother to all our puppies