We are expecting bull terrier puppies❤/ Pričakujemo bulterier mladičke❤


As an invited bull terrier at a show in Belgium this weekend, our Poisson Ivy Cookie Dough is better known as HULK. This is a show in which only invited dogs can participate, depending on the result achieved in the previous year. Our girls Bloom and Kokica also received invitations, but we did not participate in the exhibition due to personal matters.

That is why we are even more proud of Hulk and his owner David, that they participated in the exhibition and represented the colors of Slovenia and our kennel. Thanks also to the "sister" kennel Fireball bull's, who sacrificed their time and went to the show together with our Hulk. We are really happy when kennels help each other and work for the good and progress of the breed in Slovenia.

Few pictures from the exhibition itself, and we wish you a happy Easter.

Poisson Ivy Cookie Dough
Poisson Ivy Cookie Dough