We are pleased to announce that we are expecting Bull Terrier puppies,  June will be an exciting month for us. Last Thursday, we confirmed the pregnancy of our dogs, Kokica and Twist. That's right, both of our dogs will be mothers. We know it will be very demanding, but we can hardly wait and are looking forward to it!

bull terrier puppies
bull terrier mladički

I believe it goes without saying that both dogs have been health-checked and are in excellent health, meeting all the requirements of the breeding regulations for terriers. You can see how the puppies grow up with us HERE. Before going to their new homes, the puppies will have basic veterinary check-ups, be microchipped and vaccinated, and the litter will be inspected by the breeding referent by the 10th day of age.

The pairings have been carefully planned, and the male was brought all the way from Brazil specifically for these combinations. This further confirms his stability, as even the cargo flight did not cause him any stress.

And now, a few words about the parents:


bull terrier puppy
  • Our little devil  😈
  • Loves training and working
  • Adores balls and swimming and can be a little energy bomb ⚾
  • Has a great sense for evaluating people
  • Extremely loyal to her handler
  • Recognizable by her small eyes
  • Loves to eat 🍕
  • Enjoys lying on the ground and being petted 🤗
  • Always makes us laugh with her bully runs 🤩
  • Learn more about her HERE


bull trrier puppies
  • Came all the way from distant Brazil
  • Supposedly picky, but eats everything here 🍕
  • Obsessed with balls ⚾
  • Very clumsy, but the biggest cuddler when he snuggles up to you 🤗
  • Always happy and in a good mood
  • Very clumsy 😈
  • Thrilled with any attention 🤩
  • In one word, a big BUNDLE OF JOY


bull terrier slovenija
  • Loves to talk 🗣
  • Everyone is intimidated by her because of her side-eye glance 😈
  • Enjoys working, but only for food
  • Loves cuddling on the lounge chair the most 🤗
  • Values her peace and lets you know, along with her cozy cave bed 😴
  • Can be taken by anyone, too trusting
  • Loves to eat 🍕
  • Expresses everything she thinks with her eyes 🤩 Learn more about her HERE

Once again, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of open, cheerful, mischievous, and true representatives of Bull Terriers. We can hardly wait to see what's cooking in the bellies of our girls. What does it mean to be a true representative of a Bull Terrier? It means that you will be working hard on training for at least a year, as Bull Terrier puppies can be very demanding. They are especially cheerful and energetic and even more so, love to destroy things. On the other hand, we can guarantee 100% that you have never laughed as much as you will with a Bull Terrier puppy!

If you're interested in learning more about our litters and are interested in a puppy, you can email us at info@poissonivy.com.