Our dear moms are still pregnant, and we are eagerly anticipating the day they will finally give birth. We have carefully prepared and equipped their whelping boxes so that they are completely satisfied and feel safe and comfortable. Every day, we watch them as they adjust and prepare for the arrival of their puppies.

During this period, our moms are very hungry and need a lot of energy, so we pamper them with the best food. Their diet is rich and varied, full of nutrients they need to support the health and growth of their little ones. Today, we made an extra effort and lovingly prepared a special pudding called "Mother Pudding," following the Puppy Culture recipe. This treat was made especially for them to provide the extra energy and nutrients they need during this important time.

Now we are together with them, we wait and hope that everything will go smoothly and without complications. We have prepared everything – from the whelping boxes, food, to our hearts, which already beat faster at the thought of the new puppies. We can hardly wait to meet them and give them all the love and care they need.

Next time we check in, we hope to share the happy news and the sounds of tiny, joyful puppies. Until then, we will lovingly and carefully watch over our moms and prepare for the arrival of our new family members.